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The White Temple
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Black Magic - Completed
Description: A strange girl casts a spell that was written in a book which was given to her a year ago. She was told that it would change the world, but for the better. She refused, but when her family starts going missing, and some even murdered, she gives in.

Now she is in Hogwarts, ready to cast this spell...
(One Shot)
Child Of The Flame - Needs to be submitted
Description: Dumbledore is gone but with the last of his power his gives Fawkes one last instruction.
The sacred flame of Lucinda is to be lit once more.
Within the pure flame a child is growing, and when she is born, the world will rise from darkness.
Alula has to save whoever she can, even evil if she can bring them light. One person needs more to escape the clutches of evil - he needs love, which is something Alula can’t give him.

On her path of light, Alula meets someone who will change her life forever, but as more of her powers surface, that special someone becomes unsure - can she prove herself to him?
(Lucinda - Bringer of light
Alula - winged one)
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